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User ID: #20918
Username: FiniteFeline
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Feb 2020, 6:18 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:03 am

Profile description

Right now I am obsessed with Hamilton

My Toyhouse is FinitePower
My Flightrising is UnicornChild132

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    • a winner was chosen ^^

    • Just a name given to a random species someone made for fun when selling a halloween themed base C: It's not their name (unless you want it to be) and it's not a closed species or anything. Waitress (FA) just wanted to make a random monster for Halloween and that's what it was.

      But gray tabbies are cute! xD

    • Yeah, Raka is one of my roommate's characters/on his account xD I've got a spookbeast in the works myself but I'm never happy with how it looks so who knows if I'll ever finish them.

      I'm always of the impression that detailed and simple designs are both beautiful in their own way.

    • Lots of bios xD and a fair few of them were adopts I just liked the designs of so they don't even really have a character yet.

    • Yay mouse! xD
      And thank you ;w; I need to work on my characters so bad rip. I just keep putting it off aha...

    • She could be whatever you want her to be x3 Mouse, Money, both. Either way she's adorable and I'm glad you won her >w<

    • Ahh I'm actually a little jealous you won this cutie x3

    • Thank you for your purchase~

    • Thank you for the interest! there's a link to my paintie commissions on my profile page!

    • :D Yup! they sure did make my icon

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