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User ID: #20918
Username: FiniteFeline
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Feb 2020, 6:18 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:03 am

Profile description

Right now I am obsessed with Hamilton

My Toyhouse is FinitePower
My Flightrising is UnicornChild132

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    • AAA im sorry ;-; i accidentally hit "report" on your comment on Vinyl's profile. I thought that it said reply...
      anyway, i was going to say i'm glad you like the paintie! It wasn't done on a vector, i actually made it with DAmuro :D

    • Sorry, I just realized I never responded! The Moon's profile is free to use, the others I'd prefer to keep my own, apologies.

    • ahh thank u!! im glad u like him. silly little doggo wont let me bathe him

    • I added you to my ping list, thanks for the interest! Cost is all gonna depend on what you want (recolor, edit, or entirely new drawing) and how complicated the character is. Basically it comes down to how much time it'll take. Sorry I can't give a more specific answer! PM me with details and I can try to give you an actual quote!

    • Thank you!
      Use 2D transform CSS for tilting divs :) google it, ww3 has good examples o/

    • Well, Im not exactly sure about his pattern. But I think im going to come up with something when the time comes. His design will probably be a little difficult, though. ;;

    • Yeah! It's my Skull Wickerbeast. Im not actually sure i'll be doing it on him, but im looking for someone who will recolor him for free. Do you know anyone? And yeah, i'll tell you when he's approved!

    • Aw, sorry about that! I hope you get the FD you need :0
      sorry for the late reply, i was working on a paintie of my own haha

    • awesome!! do you have the fd to do it?

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