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Username: Daffu
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Last Online: 14 Oct 2017, 11:34 am
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    • Oh wow congrats on graduating then! Buahahaha, oh yes, this site will most definitely suck your life away. Especially if you start getting invested in the collecting aspects, rip. If you need any help with anything just let me know! Speaking of kickstarters have you heard of the new game that's coming out soon, Dappervolk? I've been rushing out commission after commission to try and get some money for the kickstarter for that, wheeze. That's been taking up my time, aha. Sorry for the belated reply also, I was falling asleep last night, ehe.

    • Yep he was pretty neat too. His voice actor seemed to have a lot of fun with him which really helped..x3 Haven't played the game myself, I'm bad at spatial reasoning and it seems really hard haha. I've read and watched a lot about portal tho and still consider myself a fan.

      If you insist. ;p Your hard work you put into that gorgeous art style of yours probably helped too..May there be many ABs in your future~

    • I'd be glad to! Anytime you want to talk about robots I'm game haha. Also glados is love and I'll leave it at that for now.

      Also congrats on the AB!! looks like you didn't need that luck after all. ;o

    • Eep I won't clog up your thread but hiii, it's been alright! Just having my life sucked away by this hecking site, lol. I hope things have been good for you too!

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