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User ID: #211
Username: Blaire
Gender: Female
Last Online: 20 Jan 2020, 12:19 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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intro !
hey there, im blaire and i joined fv the very first day it was opened.
i am 21 years old and i enjoy drawing.
i work 8+ hrs everyday so i may be on or not it depends.


+ lvl up warrior
+ enter feast
+ collect wishlist items



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    • Got a couple tree seeds from exploring? Otherwise, enjoy the gift :) merry furry yule!!

    • Heck, that's a lot of seeds. Thanks!

    • aah thank you! admittedly I'm having a rough time getting back into it.... but i couldn't resist the rhinos

    • I know I'm heckin late, but we're mostly done moving and I'm more active on Overwatch, I'll message you my number next time I'm on OW

    • Thanks! Now I just need another dark orchid one to finish my collection.

    • Funny thing about the kitsune... I just got another one!

    • Thank you so much for the gift. ^^

    • Also lol you signed up for/joined Furvilla on my 18th birthday last year and I find that to be hilliarous!

    • Thank you for the lovely gift of an magic silver tabby plush!! <3 I quite enjoyed receiving it and it helps me get closer to my goal of collecting all of the plushies both magic and not. c:

    • ^,^ sending quick halloos from the Oregon coast! Yours is the first Sorcerer Rabbit I've seen. I'd no idea their lil thumbnails were so pretty. Ditto the Aquatic Fox and Dragons c=

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