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    • Oh my goodness. You've been missing out my dude

    • You do realize you can cuss on this site right?

    • Sensho is a douche bag ngl

    • Baniryo actually has an older brother named Sensho. Sensho was 8 when Bani was born and was given his staff. Everyone fawned over the new magic baby while Sensho slowly became more and more jealous. He decided to do something that would make people fawn over him and not his stupid little brother. Sensho trained to become a great warrior while Bani started learning to use his staff more.
      Sensho became everyone's favorite while Bani became a disappointment. "Why can't you be more like your brother" "Stop using magic it's weird" "You're such a failure Baniryo". This is all Bani heard for the longest wile his brother received praise. When Bani came out as gay,his straight brother teased him endlessly. One day,Bani had enough and decided to try and be a warrior like his brother. He formed his staff into a long sword and started trying out battle moves.

      He was swinging the sword when it slipped from his paws and swung around,slicing into his back harshly. Sensho happened to see the whole thing and just laughed. He didn't bother helping his brother,he just went and told everyone that little Ban had failed again. Nobody bothered to help Bani and he was left to bleed alone. Bani eventually got up and wrapped his wound,promising himself that he'd never try using a sword again. Bani still has the scar on his back,it's just buried under his fur. If his fur is even slightly ruffled,the long,pink scar can be seen. Baniryo still thinks he's a failure,though he'll never tell anyone.

    • Yep! I'll have my next post be his backstory
      (warning: It's long as hell)

    • Yep! I can always show you baniryo's backstory instead :3

    • you've not got to read it,it doesn't bother me none XD

    • You don't have to read the entire thing XD Go to like 260 and only read the ones that have me pinged in them and mention baniryo X3

    • ciao
      (warning,the thing gets p dramatic at some parts)

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