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User ID: #21385
Username: jimmyrobot15
Gender: Male
Last Online: 11 Oct 2019, 12:48 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:09 am

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    • what did you mess up, if i may ask

    • Ty he's acctually supposed to be purple ish but I guess I went a little too close to red lol

    • bc i honestly want the wickerbeast gone, i've went ahead and bought you a house and will also be sending 50kFC so you can install it and take the wickerbeast off my hands.

    • hey, did you want your wickerbeast back? i'm pretty sure it's still sitting in transfers.

    • Oh my, thank you!! <3

    • Well, I am deciding if they live or die after all, right? So yeah. That would be the plan if I were ever in that situation. You?

    • It's nothing, really. Real life stuff is something I can't help usually.

    • I shouldn't be too worrying, if I'm honest. I'm here and there.

    • I shouldn't be too worrying, if I'm honest. I'm here and there.

    • jimmyrobot15 It's not that easy to determine, then. I don't know the lives, morals etc. of these people, or what caused them to do the things they do. It would be interesting to find out, but wouldn't necessarily mean I'd spare them. If I had to choose without knowing that information, I'd let the person who played before and survived live, I guess - depending on what they did to end up in the initial game.

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