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Username: jimmyrobot15
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Last Online: 31 Mar 2020, 2:10 am
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    • jimmyrobot15 It's not that easy to determine, then. I don't know the lives, morals etc. of these people, or what caused them to do the things they do. It would be interesting to find out, but wouldn't necessarily mean I'd spare them. If I had to choose without knowing that information, I'd let the person who played before and survived live, I guess - depending on what they did to end up in the initial game.

    • Been busy a lot jimmy.
      Have a lot of drawing work cute out for me XD

    • 3 caused deaths
      2 caused roberies
      4 are drug addicts
      And 1 from playing before and survived

    • Depends on the crimes of the people in there.

    • Why, are you either of those things?

    • Somewhere, I am around

    • Why's that? I'll talk to anyone as long as they're not acting perverted towards me or discriminatory bigots. :v if you're neither of those then go ahead~ n_n

    • Thenks! Uhh yeah, sure. :3

    • These recipes make nice equipments to use in the warrior career.

    • It's a super rare reagent that is used in these equipment recipes:
      Tool Belt Blueprint
      Enchanted To Be Awesome Signet Ring Blueprint
      Staff Infusion: Light Trinket
      Flawless Steel Buckler Schema
      Superior Steel Heater Shield Schema
      Perfected Steel Plate Schema
      Quality Robes Schema
      Improved Reinforced Leather Armour Schema
      Amethystine Steel Blueprint IV

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