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User ID: #22353
Username: olliver
Gender: Trans male
Last Online: 20 Oct 2017, 2:02 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:24 am
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Okay dammit, I broke it.
need to make a new profile desc
I'm Oliver and I like to draw <3
Art blog: https://postmortemdesign.tumblr.com

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    • i didn't see your comment on my page i'm so sorry omg
      Yes, let's be murder friends
      And thank you! I'm not too happy about it tho tbh.

    • LOL ejele!!! yo tengo un template para mi css c: lo puedes encontrar aqui~~~ http://pastebin.com/ir8q1NJz
      para los descriptions, lo editas con bbcode!!


    • Your art is amazing!

    • 1rsmtc.png[br]
      Ahora sí, te decoro el perfil con un poco de rosado~

    • Hey! :D Adam is a Dutch AD and Ronan is a Wickerbeast! The alchemy shop in Quetzal Palace sells the Dutch AD Potion Recipe, and the one in Dragon's Maw Manor sells the Wickerbeast Potion Recipe (and there's another species called Manokit from Oceandome). I'm not sure if we can make recipes from other villages or not, but there's some already completed potions up for sale in stalls, which is how I got Ronan's! The Dutch AD is around 25k right now, while the Wickerbeast potion is 40k.

    • Frary: OTL sorry bae


    • Matthew Brown creeped the hell out of me for some reason. Lol. You should do it! I love dark!Will so much. /swoons

      Oh man, really? That's awful. :( Had no idea. But I guess media likes to pick and choose their stories, eh. No problem! I'd commission you in a heartbeat, for sure. I've just gotta save up a bit for a few cons I'm going to, hah. Cosplaying isn't a cheap hobby. But hey! You should join the FurVilla Discord chat, since I'm gonna be there a lot (I created it). Just follow this link to join. :) https://discord.gg/Z4xwX

    • Uuuugh, but there'd be sooo much to catch up on, haha. I watched the first episode and neh. And yeah Alana/Verger is definitely better. I guess I'm just selfish and want Will to be with Hanni only. :p I've always kinda seen Hannigram as a flippy type relationship, with Hannibal mostly being a top but being a-okay with being a bottom, too. But yeah, dark!Will is pretty sexy, I must say.

      Oh nooo. Are you from the UK by any chance? I know Brexit kinda messed Britain up. I'd do that, personally. You're an amazing artist (I creeped your tumblr and blushed a few times).

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