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User ID: #23077
Username: Rhenarra
Gender: Agender
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:31 am

Profile description

Rhen • agender (they/them) • pan • 22 • otherkin



Please note that I am currently sick and will not be on for a while.

Hello! I'm Rhen. I also go by Sparky, Howl, Quill, and Mouse. My fursona is a striped hyena/Siberian tiger hybrid with all kinds of weird powers. My altsona/secondary fursona is Mouse, an angry cat who fears nothing.

Gembound morphing potion/magic plush
Paintie Tickets
Food for the feast
Pirate, Angel, and Feral costume parts
Art of my characters

If I've blocked you, it's because you're homophobic/transphobic, you're pregnant or talk about pregnancy a lot, you have a robot/android as an icon, you indulge in vulture culture or something you do disgusts or irritates me. This includes "assigned kin" games. My spiritual and psychological beliefs are not a quirky little game or fad. You cannot assign or pick kintypes.

My main interests include Pokemon, Hollywood Undead, Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, My Little Pony, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and, of course, furries.

Main bands/artists I listen to: Hollywood Undead, Lorene Drive, Rihanna, Starset, Cloudeater, Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, Green Day, Heather Dale

I'm really serious about getting a gembound. Anything in my gallery, toybox, menagerie, sticker album, and button album is yours for either a gembound morphing potion or a magic gembound plush.

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    • Alrighty! I'll take it down now, thank you for your purchase! <3

    • The adopt's yours now! Tell me when you've downloaded the image? ^^

    • Sublime-Sketches

      Thank you! She's a dilute calico tabby, a very beautiful cat coat variant. I love her design to death.

    • I absolutely love Mouse's paintie <3

    • Thank you so much for the heart!

    • Ah, Okay. I was just making sure nothing I was doing would fall under there, and I see that it doesn't. Thanks for telling me :)

    • NewAlpha

      Homophobia, transphobia, other forms of bigotry, being disrespectful of my beliefs, not respecting my boundaries, stuff like that. I've got a lot going on and I don't want to deal with people that can't understand that.

      Thank you for asking!

    • If I can ask, what are things I shouldn't do to disgust or irritate you? I'm just asking so I know what to avoid doing/saying.

    • omg im so sorry for rejecting it i meant to hit accept

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