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User ID: #23189
Username: feferipeixes
Gender: 10,000 tarantulas
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:40 am

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i'm tobias, but you can call me feferi!
18, they/them pronouns
pisces, intp, lord of hope
+1 hour FV time

tumblr | deviantart | toyhou.se


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    • Every time I see your profile i just love it its so bouncy and cooool

    • Hey there! I see that you like Homestuck and I thought it was a great series. Though the ending kinda threw me through a loop, but hey could've been worse. I really like your layout and how it's set up and Vriska themed! Everything blends together seamlessly and is very easy to read. I hope that you have a good night Vriska ♥! Oh and... WH8T N8W???????? :::;^)

    • aaaaaaaall of them? :3c

    • you did not see a thing >:3c


    • *peeks in*
      So I heard you like homestuck

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