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User ID: #24085
Username: Keldeogirl
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Dec 2019, 5:55 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:52 am

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Feel free to send me a message!
The names you can refer to me by is Firestrike, Keldeo, Zeruff or any variation of those

Some of my interests include:
Fairy Tail, Homestuck, Pokemon, Wings of Fire, Warriors, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Wolves of the Beyond, A Dog's Purpose (book) and the sequel, Fairy Tail, MLP, Undertale, and Yo-Kai Watch.
You can also find me on Chicken Smoothie as Zeruff

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    • no worries about the double post! ^w^ and yeah, i know in-game the battles arent that hard but in competitive battling any physical steel/posion, or even another type that is neutal agaisnt sylveon can take it down quickly from what i know 3: their SPdef is good but the def itself isnt; and congratulations on the shiny! im a shiny hunter aswell :> its been a while since i got a shiny cause i dont have much time to play, sadly. what shiny hunting method do you prefer? i like egg hatching :3 it takes a while but its the best one imo since you can get the nature you want and if you're lucky enough, all the IVs! and egg moves aswell!

    • aww, im sorry you missed the shiny karps! 3: at least you got a super cool goodra, i bet its a very pretty card! <3 sylveon helped me a lot on XY and ORAS aswell, theyre a very strong pokémon with a high SPdef + SPatk which makes them good for staying a long time in battle and also helping a lot, just gotta be careful with the steel and poison physical atks :0

    • the cards are very pretty, i see why you like to collect them! :3 and my favorite would have to be goodra or sylveon! i cant decide between them!

    • oh, you collect tcg! nice! thats the only thing ive never checked out :0 is it nice?
      and if youre up to it i think you should watch the new anime ^q^ if you like silly stuff, you'll love it! theyre focusing on the comedy and its silly and cute c:

    • im glad ur good!! :3 have you been watching the sun and moon anime? or you just play the games/read the manga?

    • eFUv0x.gif
      how come you do not know "pokémon"? look it up!! i bet you'd love it! theres a pokémon that matches your name :P
      (enough joking! ^q^ aha!! its nice to meet you!! hi! how you doing?)

    • :D Thanks! My next signature gif is going to be something with Edolas Natsu in it.~

    • Aww thank you dear. That was sweet of you. Sadly, my CSS isn't perfect yet. Still got some glitches but it'll do. Nice to meet you.

    • Yeah it is, I really liked the name. :)

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