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User ID: #25387
Username: KaeSera
Gender: Genderflux
Last Online: 25 Oct 2020, 3:04 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:54 pm

Profile description

I'm leaving FurVilla, but you can find me here!

Discord Server: The Goat Zone
DeviantArt: KaeSera
Twitter: Kae_Sera
Instagram: KaeSera4
YouTube: Odd Goat Creations
ToyHou.se: KaeSera

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Comments 23

    • Ooo you have a YT! I'll definitely check in <3

    • You're welcome! I'd really appreciate it if you'd credit my tumblr @ parisbuffet :)

    • EE, I love the stuff + currency, thanks so much!

    • If you don’t mind I am having a villager make me a house so I can get a slot for Barley so I’ll accept the trade when it’s done thanks :)

    • Thank you so much! He's such a cutie <3

    • thank you for the items&currency <3!

    • Thank you kindly for both villagers!

    • Thank you for all the pets and plushies!

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the shuffle plush :o

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