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User ID: #26305
Username: Kyuraze
Gender: Useless Child
Last Online: 1 Dec 2019, 4:14 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:50 pm

Profile description

Gore chibi: http://i.imgur.com/8NdVHHT.png
Commissions are open! Just ask me via PM!

⭐ She/Her⭐ Proud Furry ⭐ Stranger Things trash ⭐ Lesbian ⭐ Needs food⭐

Just a little aspiring artist who loves creepy stories, food and listening jazz~
You can call me Kyu! Feel free to message me about anything you want, I love making friends, and I'll accept requests! (I suffer of anxiety and depression, but trying to deal with it. If I sound rude in a coment or post, I apologize for it <3)

Some stuff I love:
-Eating too much
-Animal Crossing
-Pastel Gore
-Playing video games
-Plants (specially little cactus)
-The rain

Some stuff I hate:
-Small places
-Loud noises
-The purple color
-Homophobia, transphobia, hypocrisy, racism, all kind of rejection or abuse
-Being yelled at

Furvilla Goals:
-Get two Mythic Costumes (1/2)
-Create more villagers (20/???)
-Get all the Wickerbeasts Colors (3/3) (Thank you so much DrowntheFrowns !!)
-Master all the Careers (what man)
-Upload a paintie for some villagers (what man 2)
-Get a CSS code for my profile and villagers aaaaaa
-Get an Aquatic Costume (1/1)
-Get a Gembound Potion (1/1)

❎All the characters and backstories are created by me! Don't steal or reference them, please!❎

Paintie Comissions are open, message me if you are interested, I'll show you some examples of my art style!

-Hazael (second paintie)

-Hazael: Nioa  
-Ligraz: ThatFurryArtist  
-Brisingr: Anonymous (Adopted)
-Ecchi: Timeless  
-Demia: twigwise  
-Gracie: InferisNothus  
-Whø: @BlackCynicism 
(Thank you so much guys!)

I'm always looking for a Shifty or Gembound Morphing Potion! Message me if you're interesting on trading them with me, I'll try to pay you the best price for both of us!
I'm making Wickerbeast Morphing Potions too, feel free to message me if you want me to make you one of those! They are 3000 FC, 50 FD or 500 slabs!

I am the creator of Furou, a closed specie~ get your own here!

~IF YOU BLOCK ME, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE TELLING ME WHY. I WON'T BE ANGRY, JUST WANT TO KNOW THE REASON (It makes me really anxious to be blocked without a reason, please, I'd appreciate an explanation about it)~

(I’m not active anymore in this website. If you need something, send me a message and I’ll answer ASAP.)

Villagers 29

Comments 40

    • sorry again, and thank you!! ; w ;

    • i'd like quite a bit more than that for the wicker, sorry!!

    • thank you :)

    • Thank you so much! ;v;

    • You're welcome! Also, thank you do much! ;o; It means so much to me that you read it! I love hearing that people like my character's stories.

    • thank u!! and yeah haha, i did :'~) its one of my fav book series. when i had changed my villager's name to galbatorix i just needed a good name, but then ended up basing his backstory pretty heavily on the character. oops

    • That means so much to me! Thanks <3 :3
      I love to do work on bases ^_^ I'm no good at making up my own villagers though haha.
      Hazel has a good biography section! I love how she likes sweets but hates waiting xD!
      AHHH Shes my favourite colours and likes sweets :D BASICALLY ME HAHA <3

      Sorry I'm just enjoying how cute she is as a villager :D

    • Brisingr looks neat! :D Also Hazael is my favourite colour xD
      You're so lucky to have a beast btw! :D

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