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User ID: #28
Username: Xuu
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 30 Apr 2020, 10:01 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

Profile description

Hello I am Xuu and I draw things
I am not a constantly active player.

5019 on deviantart / Xuu on FR & CH / prrb over tumblr

All my villagers are middle aged lesbians. Im living the dream


2614-magic-coral-reef-crocodile-plush.pn 5045-magic-african-elephant-sticker.png 3872-magic-holstein-cow-sticker.png 3675-magic-leviathan-velociraptor-plush. 3876-magic-otter-sticker.png 4819-magic-sea-otter-sticker.png 3911-magic-slime-bat-sticker.png 5084-magic-puffin-sticker.png 4400-magic-cloud-dragon-sticker.png 76-mermaid-tail.png 3915-magic-trick-or-treat-otter-sticker.

credits: pattern(modified)
♦ css by myself

Villagers 11

Comments 10

    • eggy

    • farts

    • one small mankind and i'm gonna leap the heck outta this moon rocket

    • furryvilla will not even let me use an asterisk

    • HECK YEA, Oceandome FTW!!

    • I'm literally drowning send help please

    • Such a very lovely page, i'm still trying to figure out how to add simple colors, if you wouldn't mind helping out a noob, i'd appreciate if you could offer any assistance, or anything.

    • How do you make these backgrounds? Wow.

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