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User ID: #2819
Username: Moge-ko
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Jun 2020, 12:29 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:43 pm

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hello darkness my old friend

Hey there welcome to edgeville! About 1% of the population is sane, so walk in with caution and a weapon. Just in case.

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    • why omg

    • Whenever I get a private message from a mod I get a mini heart attack I blame u

    • aw, you're too kind! thank you!

    • thank you!

    • *whispers* yes he is

    • NO HE ISNT

    • Thank you for the smol nice shoutout on the appreciation thread :')
      I'm sorry I suck at initiating conversations :'/ but well, if you wanna talk, I'm always happy to do so! :'))

    • Thank you for buying :3

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