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Username: slaycier
Gender: FtM, He/They
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:43 pm

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Beta Tester
- Keenai/Izeia, FtM, He/They, Demipan, tired -
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    • Ohh ;o; How's school? I noticed that I became pretty exhausted too once I returned to school. xD

      I'm sueing fv for adding this--

    • asriel is your fv logo
      you are my new best friend

    • D'awee shucks you're a sweetheart, thank you!
      I'm so happy you like my profile, it's still in the works but it's getting there! ( ˙꒳​˙ )
      I'm sorry for troubling you, but could I perhaps ask what code you used for the boxes on your profile to be semi-transparent??

    • Hello there! ;//w//; just thought I'd pop in and say your layout's looking super pretty, very soft and comforting! Not to mention you're a major sweetheart?? Look at all the darling things you've put in your bio! Bless, I hope you have a day as gorgeous as your soul! (๑˘︶˘๑)

    • Sorry for the late reply! ;a; I've been brain-fried for the last two days or so. Kinda relaxed now. ovo Yeah! I think I'll really enjoy school life now. School is actually excitable now and not a hassle. ovo


      is this image cursed or not

    • Asriel! There you are!

    • I just wanted to say I like your profile layout! It's very pleasing to look at :)

    • No problem!~ ovo
      Ah, that's a lot to take in o: I've been in school for about a week now, and I'm loving it! Everyone are so kind and sweet still. I get along with everyone. Kinda surprising. o: Overall I've been doing excellently!~

    • No prob! o: I can wait till you have more time. ovo Keeping it short for now works just fine!
      Ahh ovo I hope the trip has been great so far! School's been good and I'm excited for a new week to start.

    • Yeah! ovo Just 2 more chill days till weekend again! Can't wait. =v= I'm a '00 kid myself and daaaaaaamn '00 kids are so disrespective.

      I can't stand having too many layers at once ;A; It's a mess for me. I gotta have 1 for lines and 1 for base. Multiple layers for shading and light if I'm doing cel. If I merge layers with special effects (Luminosity, multiply, overlay) etc together, it turns into an awkward soup. So yeah. Not so easy. >.< I used to make timelapses but I used hypercam 2 and I have so many websites to check regularly out of habit and I can't bother pausing the recording temporarily all the time. I get easily distracted. ;a; that's why it's so hopeless making vids.

      Yeah, I've gotten somewhere kinda but still not enough ;v; I hunger for compliments. Feeds my ego. I need validation for everything that I do p much. Kinda sucks.

      It's alright, I can stand being ranted/vented to. o: If you ever wanna get your mind off things, I'd be glad to take that load off your shoulders. I don't let things get to me easily. ovo

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