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    • No prob ovo I was back at school today, this time with new people and new surroundings. It felt fresh. I definitely felt more at home there with old and new friends being made o: '01 kids are surprisingly polite. I befriended most people in class on the first day, kinda neat.

      Well, more over time but yeah. ;a; I p much use 1 lineart and 1 base when working with grayscale, then I add one between line and base and just merge down more shadows etc as I see fit. Once the base is done I start painting with overlayer, make a bg and all that jazz. Finishing touches. Yeah. =v= I should prolly make more timelapses.

      I should post more on dA and draw more in general. I don't feel like my art gets enough love and appreciation tho. I guess I just gotta make it big before I get rewarded. =v=

      Damn >.< Unfortunately I'm not that good with saying things again, but that's.. I'm just so sorry that you've gone through so much. You don't deserve any of this. You seem like such a nice and polite person o-o I really do hope that things will work out for you. You deserve the best! ;v; I'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks! o: It's really enjoyable talking with you!

    • Cel is just so much more time-consuming for me ;A; I don't have the patience to do it anymore nowadays. It's just exhausting. Grayscale is easier since I only work with 2 layers when making the base. Again, smooth brushes and gradients.. =v= Looks good with my style.

      I don't avidly look for stuff on dA, Usually I just upload, tend to feedback and look at what those who I watch post. ;a; I should really extend my scopes though and find more good stuff on dA. Also gddamn all these edgy kids.

      oh no that's a wall of text
      I read through it all though, and I'm just speechless. @ [email protected] I'm really sorry to hear about all that has happened, but I'm glad that things are starting to look brighter for you! (Hopefully.) ovo If you ever need to rant or vent to someone, I'll be here! I have a thick skin (Or so I like to think..) So I don't let things affect me. o:

    • Grayscale is actually quicker for me to do than cel O.o it also really makes my art style pop. My style goes very well with soft shading, but I'll still try and do cel every now and then. I've just been experimenting lots. Yeah, hands are a pain ;A; Honestly I can't draw gravity connectors that well either. Even if I know that I can hide it, I try and draw and draw till it looks acceptable. It works often. Unless all hope is dead.

      I haven't ready any fanfics like that yet but the fanart.. Omg
      Can't really blame 'em though, they're just kids. Those cringcomps don't make it any better. Things are so much more different for growing artists now than when I was a growing artist myself o-o

      Wow wtf that's kinda fucked up O-o No one should ever force someone else to watch something if they don't want to. (Not like I'd know myself because I watched 2girls1.. Yeah.. When I was 12.)

      And omg we really are the same
      I had a few friends on the hellschool but it just wasn't the same as my two best friends and older classmates. Besides, now I'll be closer to home so I can walk home if we finish school earlier. I had to rely on riding a bus when I was in the hellschool. There were just 2 scheduled rides; to school and from school. ;_; nothing between. You're stuck if you have to go home earlier. I thought that school was nice when I was hospitalized there back in my last year of middle school, but I realized just weeks after that I had made the wrong career choice. Everyone were boring assholes who party and get drunk almost every day lol
      I didn't feel welcome at all. Not even the teachers. They tried to be nice, but it just.. Nothing felt right. It was too late for me to realize that I made the wrong choice so I couldn't switch schools back then. I had to endure the entire year till now @ [email protected] I'm actually kinda excited for school to start again in 3 days!

      ^ oops that is 1 long post

    • I DON'T KNOW I learned how to grayscale so I tried drawing a bark over a desert painting that I made earlier
      I should make more shit like this but I'm too lazy to draw nowadays :((
      Yeah, I started out drawing unicorns and horses when I was a kid. Then I moved on to dogs, wolves and dragons.. Now I just kinda try to draw everything. =v= Especially humanoids and anthros. They're super fun to draw!

      oh my god don't even get me started on this one dfsfsdf
      all those kids commenting on youtube.. It's wild
      have you seen all these self insert x sans ships.. I don't even have words-

      he.. He imitated the art of sausage while watching sausage party
      but what the f did he actually do that in class omg
      I didn't watch sausage party myself till a few days ago and even for the desensitized me that made me [eyes emoji] I rarely react to things, but some parts of sausage party made me question everything. xD

      All my rl friends are at the school that I'll be starting on now.. I'll be a highschool freshman again. Kinda odd. I'm glad that I won't miss my last school though :') I've had so many bad experiences with that school so it's been hell to survive that year.

    • ..Theeen there's the flood of achromias omg
      THANKS EVEN IF THAT ART IS 3 YEARS OLD I have improved lots since then eee
      hgmhgh thing https://vetoaurelia.deviantart.com/art/Helios-697567203
      Art takes a while to master, so don't give up! ;v; it's a journey. I'm still improving as well. I've been focusing on males and anime-esque styles lately.

      oh god
      it seems that their favorite discourse rn is voltron shipping and jebus
      they gotta chill. They don't realize that these characters are fictional and not real. Honestly, most people think that if you enjoy something fictionally then you condone to it irl. Wild.

      I'm glad that I sat in the front, but during recess they'd pull out the audio cord and show it around to the other boys <_< I could hear it and they'd laugh and discuss it. Jebus. I'm switching schools now though since I did the wrong career choice, hopefully I'll be left in peace. The other students at this school were being creeps too. D:

    • I'm also very fond of the fluffy mutations. AAAH. Gottapetfast. I wish I could have immortal breed-able lionesses. >: Immortal ones just seem so static and dead, it's kinda eerie. At least I'd like to feed them or interact. I sold chibi lion art like this and even if I couldn't make proper transparent stuff back in the day, people still bought it. https://orig14.deviantart.net/5462/f/2014/312/8/1/bigby_wolf_by_vetoaurelia-d85p9u7.gif

      Yeah, those arguments are ridiculous O.o they fight over simple small stuff. Jee. Staying away from discourse feels good. It's just kinda like sitting in the middle of the shitstorm and playing a flute, minding your own business while everyone's screaming and throwing chairs.. XD

      Our school has no siteblock at all so I can p much do whatever the heck I want
      I mean.. Other boys in class would just mind their own business and look at pron without facing consequences. Hell, some of them even got viruses and had to get their laptops factory set at the IT office omg

    • I always wanted to get leopons in all stages and then freeze them, like I was preserving all the stages ;A; I'm too ambitious to achieve that though since I only want GEN 1 leopons. I'm kinda hyped for tigons though. They'll be launching in 2018, so I might still have time. I used to sell art to obtain gb, might make new quality grayscale bases and sell recolors again =v= I also sold rotting carcasses and items for sb, then converted.

      omg that's pretty much just what I do
      tumblrinas are a pain. =a= I can't say shit without having one react. They take offend by everything even if it's not what they think it is. I try to stray away from tumblrinas even if not all are the same. For me it's better to talk with someone more mature and understanding and not dense. Someone who will consider other points of view and not think that something is bad or offensive at first glance.

      I just get distracted by other sites and stuff, so when I check fv and realize that I forgot to reply I feel kinda bad ;n; It's just a bad habit of mine. Then again when I check fv at school they'll almost get an immediate reply because I'm bored. xD

    • Yeah, they're fun to make. o: I always wanted Leopons but I don't have the patience to breed VLF girls. xD I always get so frustrated, so I refuse to breed any lionesses under 7% fert.

      I just check tumblr to find funny stuff, pics of cute dogs or aesthetic =v= I have stayed away from that site for years because I hate the community but it's not like I interact with anyone there except for my close friends. I just like seeing new content I guess. Furvilla is also pretty cool sometimes, designing painties can be fun. I don't play to compete though _ @

      Ah, don't worry! o: Sometimes I'm busy as well and just poof. Or I forget to refresh. Or check the site. ;A; Then I see someone having sent/said something 40 mins ago. "Shit."

    • I've made 2 success decors, and I always found the process of making them fun. ovo Now that I've improved my art even more, I might as well try and make companion pets for lions or fur extensions. Yeah. That aesthetic stuff.

      I'm not even sure why I stay on fv, I guess it's just a habit @,@ totally not because I have my dreamie username- I just have many friends on here and it's a growing game with potential I guess. o:

    • I used to be an avid player of Lioden, making custom decors and opening chibi lion recolor art shops ;o; I hardcore gamed that game back in the day when I was addicted. After a while I felt like the stat competition game was so tiring that I just gave up and started on fv instead. Who knows, one day I might return. =v=

      That'd be lovely! ;v; chat might be dead every now and then, but you'll catch us often around evening time. I think. Sometimes randomly. It's kind of unpredictable.

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