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Beta Tester
- Keenai/Izeia, FtM, He/They, Demipan, tired -
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    • It's been years since I've read that species name, so it must've stayed in my subconscious. xd I'm thankful that I remembered it now though. I'm sure that many other beautiful butterflies exist. ovo I've had a long hiatus from LD, been too lazy to get back into it. I sorta quitted the day fv opened since I found friends on this site. LD got kinda boring for me. I see that so many new things and mutations are implemented though, so might check it out again one day. I was Dingo Xylingo #5274 on there.

      Mm, it's a matter of finding a space where others have similar interests. General chat on fv is very nice and welcoming! I've been there since day one of fv beta, and I've made sooo many friends in there. I'm sure they'd love to get to know you too. ovo

    • Yeah, I didn't hear about them till I saw them on Lioden either. =v= I thought they looked p cool. I remembered them just now, since I in general only remember that 2 types of butterflies exist. xd Those blue shiny ones and monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies are pretty too. ;v;

      Ah, don't worry about that! nvn I love talking to everyone, so there's no reason to fear being awkward. I try to keep things interesting. o:

    • African sunset moth! Their shape, patterns and colors are amazing. ;a;
      Found no small images, so yee http://www.magicoflife.org/butterfly_photos/Sunset%20moth.jpg

      Yeah. People are different, don't worry. o: I think you sound kind and calm already, Then again I haven't really talked to you before, but I always found you interesting. ovo

    • Yeah. ovo Do you have any fav butterflies?

      I do my best to be kind ;o; I'm just a chill and relaxed person in general.

    • butterflies are great eee

      Ah, don't worry about it! ovo there's no need to push yourself.

    • Sir Papillon

    • I am.....


    • Under breath;

      I am dad-

    • FR currency works as well~ feel free to PM me when you have your references.

    • Hi there! I'd be okay with taking a commission from you depending on the character. As for prices I have none... You could just dump however much FC of FD you want on me and I'd be okay with it.

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