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User ID: #28753
Username: slaycier
Gender: FtM, He/They
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:43 pm

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Beta Tester
- Keenai/Izeia, FtM, He/They, Demipan, tired -
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    • We should let others know then and make a skyoe group ^^

    • Heyy, apparently the mc thread you made got taken down for some reason, so we need to find a way to communicate :o I'm offering skype haha, whacha think? Im also on now, btw

    • YEA i feel it haha. i went into that thread n posted in under 5s i became The Ninja
      i didnt think of it as a way to avoid being skipped, that's a good idea!

    • but i want my entire notification feed to Just Be That Thread lmao
      (hope u dont mind me replying here i just hate doing the "skip me!" thing hjskldgfhasdg :"D )

    • Whispers your profile css is very pretty

    • ahh that's so nice of you! thank you for letting me keep it, do you want anything in return? though I don't have much to give ; ;

    • yes you did, I was quite surprised but considering you were leaving, so I didn't message you about this

    • :D I totally understand. I'm pretty new to using paypal and such on a personal level too so I definitely get it! Thank you very much for your patronage! <3

    • -checks paypal- let's seeee...if you are Eris then yes. ^v^

    • tHANK YOU!!!!!!!

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