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User ID: #28808
Username: envyofthenight
Gender: Male
Last Online: 9 Apr 2020, 5:16 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

Profile description

Nicky Keirden - he/him - 18

I've been really sick lately, please don't be too upset if I take a long time to reply despite having been online recently! I mostly only check in for a few minuets at a time right now ^^'

Time to breed:

FDE Pets - Mar. 31st

Dumbo Octopus - Mar. 6th
Chirp - Mar. 6th
Chest - Mar. 6th
Dromedary Calf - Mar. 7th
Friendly Shrub - Mar. 7th
Basilisk - Mar. 8th
Flion - Mar. 8th
Manatea - Mar. 8th
Melephant - Mar. 10th
Meshy - Mar. 10th
Donkey - Mar. 11th
Spirit - Mar. 11th
Griff - Mar. 11th
Waffle Tail - Mar. 11th
Seapony - Mar. 12th
Peep - Mar. 16th
Seahorse - Mar. 25th
Sharkitty - Mar. 29th
Angelfish - Mar. 29th
Seal - Mar. 29th
Turty - Mar. 29th
Uni - Mar. 29th
Guinea Pig - Mar. 31st
Ray - Apr. 1st
Gummi Otter - Apr. 1st
Serpent - Apr. 1st
Serpent - Apr. 2nd
Doughnasaur - Apr. 3rd
Squookie - Apr. 3rd
Red Panda Roll - Apr. 4th
Noodle Poodle - Apr. 4th
CrocoTaco - Apr. 4th
Wabbit - Apr. 6th
Burr - Apr. 7th
Orca - Apr. 12th
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Other-Wishlist said:

Traveled from DMM > OFB > QP > TEP > going to OD next

Villagers 24

Comments 35

    • Tysm for all the items. I only needed a few of them, but I'll give you something in return.

    • Great, thanks so much!

    • Could I buy the binary beta bug from your stall for 440k FC instead of FD?

    • thank you so much for the trade ♫

    • kayson, lilac, and faeron are so cute omg !!

    • Thank you for the trade! of course I get the one rainbow pet I already had from the serpent, dfghjk

    • Just letting you know, I've seen your post, but it'll be another 4 hours or so before I have computer access to send it to you.

    • nope i dont, thought i did but welp i dont sorry.........

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