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User ID: #28808
Username: envyofthenight
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

Profile description

Nicky Keirden - he/him - 17

// Just for my own reference: //
Waiting on art from:
LovingRobot - candy bones vista preorder - 200 FD - unpaid

Time to breed:

Kitsune - Jan. 18th
Kitsune - Jan. 19th
Cloud Tail - Jan. 22nd
Cloud Tail - Jan. 23rd
Corgi - Jan. 23rd
Arcty - Jan. 23rd
Cub - Jan. 23rd
Cub - Jan. 24th
Echidna - Feb. 6th
Piggy - Feb. 9th
Manatee - Feb. 9th
Sphinx - Feb 18th
Slow Loris - Feb. 18th
Fly Trap - Feb. 21st
Bearded Dragon - Feb. 21st
Fennec Fox - Mar. 4th
Beta Bug - Mar. 5th
Beta Bug - Mar. 6th
Sugar Glider - Mar. 21st
Wishlist said:

Magic Chibi Fox, Red Panda, and Tiger stickers
All plushies and minipets I don't have

Always-In-Need-Of said:

Wood (slabs, any type), FurCash, FurDollars, Paintie Tickets
Flying Red Tip, Flying Squiggles, Flying Fur, Flying Daisies - seeds or plants

Villagers 16

Comments 29

    • Thank you for the trade! of course I get the one rainbow pet I already had from the serpent, dfghjk

    • Just letting you know, I've seen your post, but it'll be another 4 hours or so before I have computer access to send it to you.

    • nope i dont, thought i did but welp i dont sorry.........

    • i mingt have that wolf-like plush on ur WL let me check

    • Well shi- Yes I am XD It's only taken people two years to find out

    • I finished the bust last night! On the thread if you haven't seen it ^^

    • Thank you so much! <3

    • thanks c:

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