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User ID: #2910
Username: Law
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:46 pm

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Feel free to ask me about TEP costume order!

Icon by Riley!

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    • thank you!

    • Definitely ^^
      I want something from her too x3

      And thank you~ :3

    • Hehe, you're very welcome ^w^
      And yeah, that blep is just... hnng
      I love the artist too, so definitely a great choice

      And, happy Halloween~ :3c

    • Thank you for the help with the Lanterns! ^w^

      I love your profile pic too, absolutely adorable ^////^

    • Thank you for the Jack-o-Lantern! Happy Halloween!

    • you ish welcome cutie~

    • I love this doggo~ 2910.png?2

    • Ok. And also, thank chu for candy UwU

    • How to redeem them?

    • Nuuuuuu. Take it back!
      I accidentally collected the candy from my jack-o-lantern, and now I don't have space in my inventory. ;-;

      but wait. what if they give it back to me, and it goes into my pumpkin? >.>

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