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Username: King_craigy
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 1 Jun 2020, 8:47 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:06 pm

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Need to update profile!! Havented updated since 2016 lmao

my art Instagram
If ya want to see my face (Instagram)

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    • Ooh my goodness, you made her so cute! Thank you! <3 And I don't mind if you line and shade it, so long as you credit me for the base. (: I loved doodling her! Super cute character. **

    • You’re welcome!<3

    • Aspie just wanted to let you know I can’t respond to your message! But yes I use Procreate! And thank you!! <3

    • I'm glad you like it! Galaxies are my jam so I totally had to! ^^

    • Oh my gosh she looks so cute!!! Thank you so much for drawing Cassie ;w; Your art's amazing! <3

    • Yo!!! Thank you so much it looks so cool!! Uh how do you want me to credit you on Toyhouse?

    • aww well it was super sweet of you. if you ever need anything let me know :3

    • what the heck that was so nice of you!! thank you so much <3 do you want anything for it?

    • Hey friend I know you haven't been on in a while, I just wanted to remind you of that art trade from waaaaay back. I still never received your side of it. <3 Just letting you know,

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