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User ID: #296
Username: Yuki
Gender: Male
Last Online: 2 Aug 2020, 12:37 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Stop trying to lowball artists, you twits.

Furcadia | Gaia Online
DeviantArt | Fur Affinity
Toyhouse | Tumblr | Twitter
Discord | Dappervolk


  • Private messages are a-ok, as are friend requests!
  • I'm probably not going to see you talking to me unless you've pinged me.
  • If something in my post makes no sense, I'm probably using a tablet or mobile phone to post. I don't know where it gets some of these autocorrects...
  • Consider this account to be more of a persona. Yuki is one of my oldest characters and I've become fond of presenting myself as OCs on forum sites. I will still talk about RL experiences when relevant but don't take it personally if I don't want to give out information that is too private. Though, in saying that, there's not a lot of things I'm unwilling to talk about, especially when someone is genuinely trying to educate themselves.
  • I try to be friendly toward and get along with everyone, as much as I can anyway. If I ever say something you think is rude, it was probably misworded or accidental. Please don't be afraid to contact me if I said something that bothers you. Even if you plan to yell at me for it. However, if you're going to complain to me about how artists should give you art for free or for pennies, get ready for some more colorful language than I'd post on the forums. Also be aware that any form of ignorance, degradation or hate you send to my inbox will be saved via screenshot and posted publically anywhere and everywhere I see fit. You don't get to be an asshole in PMs and then hide behind a mask on the forums. Not on my watch.


  • DRAMAtical Murder is my favorite thing. Clear and Mizuki are tied as my favorite characters.
  • So is the entire concept of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I probably need an intervention.
  • I love stories of fantasy. My favorite book series is the Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, Unfortunately, he's recently revealed himself to be a very disrespectful and hateful man, so he's not getting any more money out of me.
  • My favorite band is Starset, but I like many different artists and types of music!
  • Roleplaying. Just the text kind. I'm infamously slow with posts (I'm sorry friends), but I love to RP! In fact, several of my villagers are OCs I've had for over a decade, I'm just far too lazy to get detailed with their profiles.
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    • You missed the opportunity to write on your profile " ...My favorite book series is the Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, Unfortunately, he's recently revealed himself to be not very good nor kind..."

    • Ahh I see! I hope my comment didn't come off as accusatory or anything like that!

    • ,,,Massive brainfart and just realized Yuri =/= Yuki LOL I'm sorry!

    • I could be totally wrong here haha, but..
      Is your username/icon a reference to Yuri Lowell?

    • You are very welcome! If you need others just let me know.. =)

    • No problem! I’m just happy to help. Let me know if you need anything else. I have some other stuff.

    • Ooo I think this is my favorite profile css I've seen ^-^

    • of course I am a gemlin lol and I am guessing a rare because that is sort of what my fursona looks like?

    • I'm a fan of Amaranthe too! :D Great music

    • Yeah! Halloween is more than a holiday, Halloween is a LIFESTYLE

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