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User ID: #30161
Username: PrayingMantis
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:04 pm

Profile description

Crafter kiru starshine Caliburn sammy ennui
construction gotcha
Blacksmith Karma kroll
warrior mantis20 cherry bomb11, umfang9 ,lothario 7
Alchemist dinosor alfie sammy
tailor sock goblin
Warrior level grump,20moe,21dabman caliburn20
doctor gentlemist shroom
-Due to old feast standards-----------------------------------------
1. Pretzelcoatls 30th
2. sept. 23 /25 pancakes /tacos breed
3.wiener pup 23

Villagers 63

Comments 519

    • Thank you so much for granting Soapdish his snail friend!! It was so sweet of you ;u; <33

    • I wasn't able to get online for long thanks to needing to study for classes (going back to college this fall, after 20 years, haha)-- thanks for continuing to be awesome!!

    • You are welcome!

    • I want to breed the Rosy Seedling. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much! ◕‿◕

    • Thanks ≈^ω^≈

    • Sure, i will be happy to have some Beta Bugs, i will make a harem of them... ≈^ω^≈
      Some day... ≈^ω^;≈

    • Thanks so much! TvT

    • Thanks for the silent paper meowers, haha! <3

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