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User ID: #30161
Username: PrayingMantis
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:04 pm

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Crafter kiru starshine Caliburn sammy ennui
construction gotcha
Blacksmith Karma kroll
warrior mantis20 cherry bomb11, umfang9 ,lothario 7
Alchemist dinosor alfie sammy
tailor sock goblin
Warrior level grump,20moe,21dabman caliburn20
doctor gentlemist shroom
page 19 news cat warriors

Villagers 65

Comments 547

    • thanx for the pickle , I donated for our food drive like the others I bought :)

    • Omg are you sure you want nothing in return? Q.Q thank you so much!!!

    • Thanks a bunch for the plush! ^^ <3

    • Thank you so much!!!! ;vvvvv;


    • Thank you again for the backpack and clip board ;v; I so know who I'm coming after if I get more wheel pets >:) ...Mainly just because I'm only after one of the wheel pets, haha. :)

    • Button capsule today T-T

    • I would love to help you out in some way like you're helping me out. Know anyone who needs food points this month? I'm slowly chugging away at making a whole lot of Cosette's Tea at the moment!

    • Woo and yay! I had *just enough* to get the Wheelie Battle Buddy I'd been eyeing with those three tickets, so thanks muchly! :D

    • thank u for always having a bunch of slabs for sale...

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