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User ID: #30166
Username: Tsundere
Gender: Female
Last Online: 30 Dec 2017, 8:14 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:04 pm

Profile description


i am Tsundere! you can call me tsun, tsuntsun, or tsundere.
note: i don't really act like a tsundere ;w;

i am a university student, so i might be online doing things sporadically! if you're expecting a message from me, feel free to message me because i might forget aha.
i also leave messages/pings for later when i have time to sit down and sort through them!

looking for a furvilla partner to take on the world!


OCs' wishlists:

Tann: done! got the forest bun and bred the dual-winged butterfly!

Nikoii: 307-flame-seahorse.png
Syomo: 463-night-hare.png (thank you anon for the shifty pot!) finished breeding the icy ferret!
Aokudo: 451-blue-chirp.png finished breeding a phoenix birb!
Kayblis: done! just have to find a paintie!
Kayvlis: 363-dragon-basilisk.png


goals (in no particular order):

-fill most of the menagerie
-give my OCs their own minipet, CSS, and painties
-decorate my non-OC villagers
-get blacksmith to over 200 skill
-have herbalist master all seeds
-make corgi and shiba shifty

Villagers 20

Comments 8

    • I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A DECORATED MALE!!!

    • emeraldox's trade came in first so if itsa while i apologize, dont worry!

    • aaaah thank you!! ;w;

    • Thank you Nonny Fairy for giving me pets I didn't have in my menagerie!!! ;w; Thank you very much!

    • Mmmm ... any common items would be fine, seedlings specifically. I want Isobel to take over the world ...with plants XD

    • Thank you, very much appreciated

    • Ooohhh ...moved to Tiger Eye!! What's it like?! ouo

    • thank u for the lovely compliment!<3 never end is flattered~

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