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"all the fish in the sea, but she was my mermaid" ♡
Joined 01.01.2016 • Beta Tester • College Student
Hello person and welcome to my little virtual home ♡ i'm guessing you've stopped by to see what i'm all about so i'll tell you... i'm a hopeless romantic, to me life is empty and meaningless without love and romance. i'm currently in college studying biology to become a vet within my near future. so i'f take awhile to reply that is the reason why. i love nature, animals, video games, anime, food, role-playing, and traveling. I also enjoy meeting other furries so don't hesitate if you'd like to chat ♡
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    • oooh, your css looks cool!! :O i love the gold accents! ouo

      anbyway, well now i feel comfy so all's good! i doubt i'll do that again, especially since uni is finishing up for the semester soon. ^^ i'ma reply to your thing now cuz honestly that was an interesting convo lol.

      i still draw old Geni. :P she's still my pride and joy, even if i've replaced her. xP i've had her since the very start of my bronydom so it'd feel weird just to trash her old design completely. ^^; especially since this is still my most favourite piece of artwork i've ever gotten of her!

      The choice to change her wasn't completely about other people though, I just felt like she needed a change so I did it. Though I 100% agree with you. I have a LOT of mary sue characters and i love them all to pieces and don't give a good god damn what anybody says~ :3 (also sorry if i've repeated myself... the buttons to go to different comment pages on your page is borked so i cant see my past replies. xD)

      ew people are trash i swear to god. if it isnt hurting anybody why freakin' give a damn? idk, people bother me a lot when it comes to their kinda nazi-ish demand for people to be "'""normal"'"" or they deserve death. :s i'm glad you've grown stronger!! you dont deserve to feel like crap over some dumbass on the internet. :/ you've actually inspired me to upload my little Keiko artwork sometime. ;u;

    • aaaa i kinda thought you would hate me cuz i didn't reply tbh?? i ended up being too scared to reply after i left it too long :s
      should i reply now or is it too late? x'D sorry btw, i get these dumb weeks where i get intimidated by long conversations for some reason?? like, i know it ain't an excuse but i just wanna tell you cuz i hope i didnt make you upset or anythin'


    • Ooooh.....Mercy looks super cute! Also Pharah looks really cool! :0

    • Ahhhh thank you!

    • I'm actually pretty new to White Collar? I started watching it a few months ago probably? haha I'm kinda late xD But yeah, same here. Also, Mozzie's really funny :'D

      Sounds fun! Mybe I could buy OW too someday... :3c Who's your favorite character?

    • Wow I just love your profile I mean

      beautiful layout
      beautiful villagers

      10/10 would vist again

    • I really love RaC omg I still haven't played the new one yet because I don't have PS4 ;v;
      Computer games are really cool too! Is Overwatch a really good game?
      Oooh, you mean White Collar? That TV show is awesome and I really love Neil Caffrey aka the main character XD

    • You're so nice omg! Those gifts were so cool aaaaaaa

      Mmm I kinda play video games rarely, probably Ratchet and Clank? ;v; I sadly don't have Overwatch ;0

    • You're welcome!

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