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"all the fish in the sea, but she was my mermaid" ♡
Joined 01.01.2016 • Beta Tester • College Student
Hello person and welcome to my little virtual home ♡ i'm guessing you've stopped by to see what i'm all about so i'll tell you... i'm a hopeless romantic, to me life is empty and meaningless without love and romance. i'm currently in college studying biology to become a vet within my near future. so i'f take awhile to reply that is the reason why. i love nature, animals, video games, anime, food, role-playing, and traveling. I also enjoy meeting other furries so don't hesitate if you'd like to chat ♡
CSS wip by Love

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    • Ahh! Thank you so much! It means a lot. ; w;

    • Hey, I'm glad you like my stuff :D Would you like to be added to my ping list? I'm a bit sluggish with art at the moment given my current job pressures, but I'm sure things will pick up soon :)

      Also, do you take CSS commissions :0 !!!

    • np! yeah i rarely do a villager's css before I have a paintie uploaded on them. mostly cause the paintie helps me choose colour schemes. xD;
      well i'm looking forward to seeing your cute villagers when they're all finished!! ^-^

    • Ye luckily I found Cro's f2u profile and villager css pretty early on, so I just used that ;w; ah really? xD awr, still sounds cute tho!
      wAH sankyuu!! >w</❤ for real though your villagers are gorgeous too, such sweet pastel babs~ and your css on their pages is wonderful??
      (I probably already commented on your profile about them at some point aheheh ... I have a bad memory. uwu;)

    • Same tbh, idk what I'd do without him!! ;A;
      aaa thanks so much!! It needs updating badly, it's been the same since before beta. ;w;

    • :O wAH your CSS is so cute!! and you have an owner too? ^0^ It's so nice to be cared for!

    • Ahhh fudge, I DID IT AGAIN AAAAAA. I'm so sorry. ;o; Here's what I wrote, for easier reading!!

    • Yay I'm glad you fixed the CSS! Was kinda worried about how I'd respond with such a large text if it was still borked! xD

      Also holy crap!! :O People usually do all in their power to avoid her because "oH MY GAWD THE EDGE!!!" -- like, it's as if you can't have a character with dark colours without it being 'edgy'... like, dude... this is what she used to look like. THAT is 'edge' -- completely eye-blindingly terrible colours with no regard to colour theory, with a broken horn (magic didn't work, I even called her an 'alicorn reject' lmfao. A+ writing, smol babu me) and a smug look of pure arrogance. The Geni of today, though? Nope, she ain't edgy. I learned from my past mistakes and made her colours make more sense and be nicer on the eyes (the addition of white was a very subtle change but holy crap it does so much!) and even changed her backstory into less of a "I'm evil and unhinged because my parents threw me away look at how crazy I am ahahaha." (I hate the old me omfg she even killed some ponies before and went to prison (TW: unrealistic crappy MS Paint blood lol) long enough for her hair dye to completely disappear lmao -- her natural haircolour is that red, funnily enough) I turned her into more of a "Holy shit I've had body dysmorphia all this time and getting turned into a whole new species helped me!!! I need to rebuild my life and not be such a hermit anymore!! Yay positivity!" and even so, she still fights some body dysmorphia because of how the disorder works, but being in a new society has helped immensely. Also, she's still a cynical jerk. Because cynical jerks are fun and one positive happenstance doesn't change the negative outlook people can naturally have. :P

      Tbh, though? Even if I don't see her as a Mary Sue anymore, I still play off of the whole "ew ur a mary sue bcuz sad backstory and mental issues omg not to mention the colours????? stahp!!" thing and call her 'The Mary Sue Queen'. It's fun seeing people freak out because I'm so proud of my character for some reason. It's like, they get so personally offended over my OC and it's amazing. xD There's a way to critique without acting like it's your right for me to drop what I've worked on an change everything, y'know? D:<

      I wrote too much oOOPS. Anyway, I'm extremely happy you haven't run into any haters!! I've known of cases on this site where people got accused of terrible things (the P-word, anyone?) just for having a young or very childish character and ended up literally qUITTING BECAUSE OF THE HARASSMENT. Just-- ugh... the ignorance of some people astounds me and makes me feel utterly disgusted with the world. I, myself absolutely adore the little aesthetic and my fursona Keiko is often drawn wearing child-like outfits or completely aged-down, but because of the toxic side of this website? I'm too afraid to upload any painties or even mention it half the time.

      Heck, I'm pretty sure people already know because each time the negative stigma is mentioned I argue against their flawed logic of "anyone who has a kid character or ageplays is automatically a you-know-what, no exceptionsssss!!". But even so, I already have a past of people calling me toxic, obnoxious and selfish while not even trying to tell me how to be a 'better person' in their eyes -- extremely backwards logic if I do say so myself, and that kinda messed me up (as you can see by how negatively I view the community regardless of all the good that is within it) so I don't even want the possibility of a repeat of that. :s

      Aaaa, I'm super sorry for rambling too much!!! I'm passionate about all of these subjects so I just kinda... wrote my feelings and thoughts mindlessly on the page ahaha. xD

    • xD oh, geez. no wonder your CSS is a WIP! Sorry for that haha

    • Screaming because I'm so not used to people liking anything about Geni?? ;u; Just omg thank you, really! It means the world to me that you think so! <3

      Also just need to say that holy crap, I love your profile, active and username! -- It's also refreshing to see a little who isn't afraid to be open, especially in a community such as this. I've had many arguments in the past when it comes to the stigma of ageplay and the toxicity some Furvillians show about such topics. Keep being you, and never let anyone change anything about who you are!

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