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User ID: #31163
Username: Minaline
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:32 pm

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---Personal durability quick-links (totally didn't copy this idea from Kijame )---
23306-th.png?t=148036579623338-th.png?t=148037540938567-th.png?t=1516064552169-4-th.png172-1-th.png170-27-th.png26056-th.png?t=1483146489 38303-th.png?t=151493588820364-th.png?t=1473903065
()Monthly Breedings*:
170-21-th.png 1134-security-beta-bug.png 17th
36317-th.png?t=1507776179 1579-green-fly-trap.png 2nd
164-1-th.png Level 21
164-4-th.png Level 21
31286-th.png?t=1494048910 Level 21
160-1-th.png Level 20
196-9-th.png Level 20
166-4-th.png Level 20
168-3-th.png Level 20
39068-th.png?t=1517887791 Level 20
166-2-th.png Level 20
23207-th.png?t=1480356463 Level 20
161-25-th.png Level 20
38303-th.png?t=1514935888 Level 20
Current Goal-list:
Vali's Golden Hammer 0/1
Faeli's cursed amulet 0/1
Feral Costume (dragon) 0/1
Classic Cartoon Costume (racoon) 0/1

P.s. Thanks anon for the Count Fluffy Plushie and any other anon that has sent me stuff ^^

Villagers 133

Comments 171

    • Thank you so much for the congrats on my villager! Would you happen to like my shifty, Rainie? I'll just send a transfer over after I send this and if you can accept if you want. It's completely free.

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Bye
      (Blue Yoshi energy)

    • It looks fine! It's super cute. :)

    • Aww, thank you!! <3

    • actually i encourage everyone to keep coming back for more items. i have so much that in the end, theyll likely just get dumped to the giving tree. im not the one who dropped 3293 however, every villager ive dropped so far are in the 8000s

    • oh hey, thanks for picking up todays villager! im hosting a giveaway and it includes villagers: forums/thread/95724

    • Thankja kindly!

    • Thanks for leaving some tourney pets in the giving tree! <3

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