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User ID: #31163
Username: Minaline
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Aug 2020, 12:28 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:32 pm

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---Personal durability quick-links (totally didn't copy this idea from Kijame )---
23306-th.png?t=148036579623338-th.png?t=148037540938567-th.png?t=1516064552169-4-th.png172-1-th.png170-27-th.png26056-th.png?t=1483146489 38303-th.png?t=151493588820364-th.png?t=1473903065
()Monthly Breedings*:
170-21-th.png 1134-security-beta-bug.png 17th
36317-th.png?t=1507776179 1579-green-fly-trap.png 2nd
164-1-th.png Level 21
164-4-th.png Level 21
31286-th.png?t=1494048910 Level 21
160-1-th.png Level 20
196-9-th.png Level 20
166-4-th.png Level 20
168-3-th.png Level 20
39068-th.png?t=1517887791 Level 20
166-2-th.png Level 20
23207-th.png?t=1480356463 Level 20
161-25-th.png Level 20
38303-th.png?t=1514935888 Level 20
22772-th.png?t=1479156535 Level 20
451-4-th.png Level 20
Current Goal-list:
Kitsune Spirit Shield 0/1
Royal Fire Apple ~ Harbringer?
Feral Costume (dragon) 0/1
Classic Cartoon Costume (racoon) 0/1

P.s. Thanks anon for the Count Fluffy Plushie and any other anon that has sent me stuff ^^

Villagers 134

Comments 175

    • Hey, I saw your Shark plush in Stalls! Unfortunately, I only have 950 FD. Would you be willing to accept that? :)

    • Thank you so much for the birthday gift! < 3

    • I will. And thanks for the present.

    • Oh, I already know about those. I have one.

    • Very interesting. Are there other mini pets like the Ginger Tabby and the Lost Kitsoul in the other villages?

    • Have you gotten any Tabbies from your Animal Husbandry workers lately? Because my Animal Husbandry worker got a Friendly Ginger Tabby through collecting. They must be new. I've never gotten a Tabby mini pet before.

    • 104 wow!

    • Toxic Candycorn 2: The Return Of Jafar™

      i fuckin love you god bless

      serpent fest II: the return of jafar™

    • Thank you for helping me find the original owner!!

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