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Username: Koro-san
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Jan 2020, 10:53 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:35 pm

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Hey! I'm not too active anymore, but feel free to check me out on any of these other sites!
Chicken Smoothie
Mycena Cave

Everything in my gallery is for sale. Message me if you'd like to offer for something!

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    • oh the jacket? on Welovefine, its the main Homestuck merch store, everything there is approved by hussie and legal.

      Im hoping i can get a Pyralspite scalemate for my birthday in may!

    • Yep, I started reading it a few months back and finished it within three months I believe, and I havent been the same since

      (is currently wearing a Nepeta jacket)

    • Yeah... hehe. Im not much of a fan of Gamzee myself, my favorites have to be Roxy, Kanaya and Terezi

    • Ah, I have been very busy, but I have become a homestuck fan X3

      still love Undertale though

      So many fandoms, so little time

      actually keep me away from most fandoms. They're scary
      (sorry for the lare reply)

    • it certainly has! How are things?

    • *waves*

    • Hiya, I have a new Toyhou.se now and I was wondering if it was possible for you to transfer Golden Snowflake over to that one? ;u; The username is MosheTheMouse.

    • Sure, that sounds best so you can keep her design

    • Sure, though I'm not a huge fan of her paintie if you wanna keep it, but I'd take it if needed.
      So we'd swap those two and then Egg for the FC and minipet trade?

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