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User ID: #3120
Username: Tailgatescutebooty
Gender: Bigender
Last Online: 6 May 2020, 11:23 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:54 pm

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Bi/ 19/ she/her / Obsessed with transformers


All the salt feeds me~~



Background, Header and art Tailgatescutebooty

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    • Thanks for the jack o lantern!

    • Oh yes, It was a doodle of my rabbit fursona, snow drop?

    • uh, could i please have the link to a drawing you did for me a while back ^^ i was trying to find it but i couldnt, i do know its in your sta.sh

    • Oh wow, you're an amazing artist! (。>ω<。) *applauds*

    • (。・o・。) Another Transformers fan? *squee* And Tailgate, too?! *SQUEE INTENSIFIES* I'm in love with your background, and that Seeker art is to die for. X'D

    • Do you have a link to your paintie shop? :o

    • Your painties are gorgeous!!!

    • I managed to get my hands on a extra blue tang manokit plush (magic) what could one get me?

    • couldn't find the thread so here is the ref. hopefully its not too hard to follow. i cant make a digital one since im at my grandmas. https://sta.sh/0gv7ulf7u5n
      She is an australian sheperd if thats any use, and she is very peppy, so something smiling would work? when would you like me to send the plush?

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