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User ID: #31460
Username: Axelis
Gender: Dragon
Last Online: 2 Nov 2019, 11:12 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:00 pm

Profile description

Alex - he/him
actual dragon - gamer - artist

I love dragons. Yeah, that's kind of it.

Warrior Costume x 2, Angelic Costume, Galaxy Costume x 2, Pirate Costume, Aquatic Costume, Fluffy Costume x 2.
Magic Plushies: Sea Turtle Dragon, Sea Monster Snake, Feathered Snake, Squire Gemraptor, Noble Leodon, Stormy Moth, Dame Gryphon, Cloudy Owl, Coral Reef Crocodile, Leviathan Velociraptor, Basilisk Chicken.
Magic Sticker: Green Dragon Rainbow Cloud Dragon, Feathered Dragon, Druid Crocodile, Rogue Lizard, Necromancer Corvid, Phoenix Velociraptor.
Paintie Ticket x 1

Villagers 16

Comments 165

    • probably not lower than the lowest one in stalls
      Since I don't have much need for FC either currently

    • I have those already, only looking for the necklace for current event equipment
      and I'm not sure if I need more serpent feathers until the gala opens

    • I'm really only looking for pure or offsite goods, and I don't hold items, sorry.

    • No, thank you.

    • Would you trade your A Chill Friend for anything in my stall?

    • No problem! Welcome back and I do. ^^

    • ;A; thank you! I can't believe I could be gifted these, thank you so much!

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