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User ID: #3158
Username: Astronomer
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:55 pm

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eyyo!! i'm a dweeb who likes space and doesn't watch enough cartoons and is known as amiparu in a handful of other websites :D i'm terminally obsessed with homestuck, star vs the forces of evil, wings of fire, undertale (sorta), ghostbusters, girl meets world, and sabrina carpenter. i'm homeschooled, so i'm normally awake between 12pm and 2am, sometimes till 6am. drawing is one of my favorite hobbies, along with stargazing, offsite shitposting, and otherwise doing things that are pointless beyond comprehension. B)

i'm rlly nervous and reluctant to talk so srry if i don't respond!! i don't mind random friend requests tho <3


you can find me on:

flightrising (SabbyNation)
feralfront (Amiparu)
chicken smoothie (Amiparu)
feralheart (amiparu)
psn (message me for my user)
animal jam (message me for my user)

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