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Username: kadinskies
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Jul 2020, 5:54 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:52 pm

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I'm Mercy, 23, Full time artist- chaotic bisexual with attachment issues.

I'm a Brisbane based artist, though chronically ill so that's never any fun. I studied games at uni as well as Animal Studies with a focus in Vet Nursing, and have had extended experience in game concept art, web design and product design though it's very draining so don't do that much anymore.

I'm a bird, axolotl and snake mother and LOVE all things nature.




I'm open for custom pieces- they vary in cost depending on complexity!

See thread as i'm too disorganized to handle two lists haha

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    • Thank you ;w; I was really proud of how it turned out!

    • AaAAAAA You're on here too! <3

    • Thank You for Shopping by! <3

    • hey, i love gifting. :P

    • Oh, that is FAR better! Looks great, even if I have a hard time seeing what I'm typing. LOL Your profile as it is supposed to look is very classy. :) <3

    • Still waiting to trade ;n;

    • Hi, I saw u on fb. I would be willing to trade supplies, or even pay (depending what I have) for my girl to be a custom paintie. I can't find anyone to do it. And I think I finally figured out what it would take

    • CSS my friend! There was a great help thread in the forums, I can link it to you when they're back up! :)
      Feel free to grab my code & experiment.<3

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