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User ID: #322
Username: Monster
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 24 Sep 2020, 2:10 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

Profile description

Artwork by Uzucake

+ Aromantic/ Asexual
+ 30 years old
+ On the Autistic spectrum
+ Sometimes I draw things
+ I really like Insects, Monsters and Robots
+ I just can't get enough of Starscream...
+ I'm not really all too good with talking so I'm sorry if I get quiet on you!

Villagers 18

Comments 57

    • Thank you for the ticket!!!

    • Omg thankyou so much!! You really don't have to but I really appreciate that <3
      I'll let you know when I've doodled your bab~! :'D

    • Thankyou so much!! n_n ♡

    • Hallo! :3 Your new Burrower is adorable <3 I'm tryna get my own by earning buttons, so I just wanted to ask, would you mind if I drew yours? ;w,

    • Woah. Got some real prime villagers there, very nice!

    • *I also really love Starscream*

    • hey uh
      can we be friends
      i also like insects, monsters and robots

    • me: tries to break the ice
      (i literally just made this as an icebreaker and you're the first to recieve it hue)

    • Oh ive asked that before oops

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