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User ID: #3300
Username: Lucky_Lucas
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 16 Feb 2020, 6:51 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:01 pm

Profile description

Welcome! I'm Lucas, your local idol!

みなちゃん、こんにちは! Good day, everyone! My name is Lucas, but you can call me Luke or Lucky. My birthday is March 7, 2003, making me 16 years old. I use he/him and they/them pronouns. This is a WIP; more will be added later and cleaned up.


My Wishlist!
• Any button missing from my Button Book
• Any pet missing from my Menagerie
• Any plush missing from my Toybox
• Any stamp missing from my Stamp Collection
• Any sticker missing from my Sticker Album
• Any stone missing from my Stone Collection
• Fur Cash
• Fur Dollars
• Paintie Tickets
• Shifty or Shifty potion
• Wood
• Art of my sheepsona
• My parents to stop being bigoted boomer pricks and
just accept me as their son

My Current Interests!
• Camp Camp
• South Park
• Splatoon
• THE [email protected]
• Weiß Schwarz
• おそ松さん (Osomatsu-san)
• サンリオ (Sanrio)
• ゾンビランドサガ (Zombie Land Saga)
• たまごっち (Tamagotchi)
• どうぶつの森 (Animal Crossing)
• 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon)
• ファイヤーエンブレム (Fire Emblem)
• ポケモン (Pokémon)
• ラブライブ! (Love Live!)

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    • GHAGSH BRO I AM SO THANKFUL,,,, you really didnt need to send anything back-- this is for the wishlist thread (forgot the exact name) cause i feel like i didnt send enough dsjfn

    • dont mention it !!! ill probably send more (and some fd, when i get some) im so irresponsible with my money and i like knowing im giving it to someone wholl be better at managing that stuff smsafksnf

    • When I get home I'll draw your sheep sona sense you got skipped in the thread. Wont be home in a few hours though. So give me time.

    • I'll send you all of them! But only if you tell me where you got the Kiwi plushie in your gallery x'D it's adorable!

    • No! Everything I want to keep is safe in my gallery, so my toy box is completely up for grabs :D

    • Totally! though I think he kinda wants Husker to do it for free :p

    • To make text go next to a picture, you use [ float(direction)] text or image [/ float(direction)]. Obviously without the spaces. It works with floatleft and floatright! If you need more help, let me know! Also, if there's anything in my toy box you'd like, let me know about that as well. You can have it for free UwU I can't resist helping a LL! fan, ehehe !

    • Your icon...eeeeee *hugs Angel*

    • Always happy to see another lovelive fan! Riko is such a sweet girl ehehe :D

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