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Username: Lucid
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Last Online: 24 Sep 2020, 8:05 am
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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

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    • Oh, I thought the bunnies were just for the top 10 people and the rest just got the common one lol....If I feed all the food I have now, I could be in the top 10% ....but idk if I could maintain it lol

    • Yeah but there are people that have already fed 1000+ points in food and I won't catch up for top 10 so it's pointless feeding my pet more since all I'll get is the participation prize and I cba with it for a whole month, It's just a waste of FC for me, but helping the village at least helps everyone with the worker totem I guess xD

    • No it's not selling. I've had a ton of it in my shop since this morning and it's not going anywhere lol
      If it doesn't sell by the time I move village on Weds, I'll just donate it all to the food drive. I'm just using up the ingredients I bought (cos I bought 100 of each without even checking anything....lol) then I'm done with the cooking career except for my obligatory donation for participation prizes xD

    • Maybe....They said this in the news post though

      - Food items expire 2 weeks after they are crafted (this is to discourage hoarding and to try and keep things as fair as possible)

      They really suck with wording on this site and I often feel confused on what is or isn't happening lol :k

    • Yeah I was super excited when I woke up and saw that it had been released finally....Then disappoint kicked in when I realised it's just a monthly contest and I cba with the stress of that, there were people with 100s of points already and I would have to turn all of my villagers to cooks to catch up and waste millions of fc....and the most annoying is you can't even put the food in your gallery because it disappears after 2 weeks :x

    • Thanks for the lend hun, got 2 commons, again. At least one was a female this time :x lol

    • Naw it's ok hun, they are too fluffy for me :p
      I'm getting ready to raise my demon goatling army xD
      There's 100's of them! I was planning to try collecting the AD dolls but I think that's probably mission impossible ;w;

    • hahah I was wondering what all the beans were about xD
      Your goats are so cute though <3

    • Okies I will do my breeding on the 16th and then send the frog over to you <3
      Yeah I did notice that there wasn't a whole lot to do on there, though I've already made over 100k and got a Libra goatling xD But I need a game that's quite laid back and doesn't take up too much time lol
      I'll probably keep playing anyway but try not too trade anything away for it, though the rate seems pretty decent, Like 1FC=20kSS?

    • That's fine, mine can't breed again until the 16th, Did you want the jester frog as well?
      Ha yeah I saw your trade on that goatlings board...so it made me look at the site and I signed up and now I think I'm hooked ;w; Those goats are too cute! FML lol

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