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User ID: #34957
Username: Oliver_Woolfe
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:04 am

Profile description

Hi! Call me Andy :)
Genderfluid (although I usually prefer he/him)
Chaotic Evil
Slytherin [Pottermore]
Divergent [Erudite/Candor]
Child of Hades [Rick Riordan's offical website]


Villagers 10

Comments 103

    • oh ok! :D no problem!

    • hello, i got an alert you quoted me somewhere but the link took me to an invalid page? o: was there something you wanted to tell me?

    • Not a problem at all! Happy to help <3

    • Ahhh no problem sweetie! You deserve it! :3

    • YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!! and oh, sorry! i didnt notice... :'0

    • You're welcome! It's nothing much!

    • I'm glad you didn't because Now I can thank you properly *Huggles*

    • You are such an amazing person!
      Thankyou so so much <3

    • Its funny, as soon as I transferred them over I went to see what my AH villagers were up to and one of them *just* caught that female.

      I think it was fate--I would have just released her had I not known you wanted one :)


    • ye s

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