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User ID: #34957
Username: Bakubro
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:04 am

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Hi! Call me Andy :)
Genderfluid (although I usually prefer he/him)

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    • Sorry my workplace just gave me a million hours and i have like no time to draw before the event ends.

      I did the lineart for your oc tho so I'll send it over to you later

    • May my fursona join the Aiko protection squad?? \(UwU)/

    • M a g i c !

    • I see that heckin UA uniform

    • Happy birthday!! :D

    • Just noticed because if you MYO event we have the same birthday, so happy birthday friendo

    • What for the White Cloud fennec?

    • er uh yeah, um i haven't started really on the second piece of art.. i've been caught up in other things then to focus on furvilla

    • Ah thanks for explaining ! I think I've watched the first movie as a kid, I remember a girl with blue hair and being really jealous because I wanted blue hair too, haha.

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