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User ID: #34957
Username: Bakubro
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:04 am

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Hi! Call me Andy :)
Genderfluid (although I usually prefer he/him)

Villagers 10

Comments 108

    • Ok gotta mention that I love your icon

    • Thank you!

    • I'm gonna try and increase it more, then buy the house. owo

      also, again, thank chu fur le house UwU

    • do you think i should risk it? using the house for another villager slot? I mean, I do wanna increase the house durability, but I gotta buy more potions, and that'll make it a bit bad for me getting the slot. So...do you think I should risk it?

    • You're welcome! OwO

    • sorry for this


      thank chu OwQ


      are you serious?=w=

    • alright! here are my questions, sorry they're so long!!
      There are usually complete in-depth guides for newbies in forums, but I don't see any in Furvilla. Are there any you know of?
      How to gain FC!!! I'm so low and everything costs so much. . . I bought medicine for 1000FC and now I'm broke.
      Which career is most practical, you gain the most from?
      On a villager's herbalist page: There's a picture of a pumpkin that says "500 g" below it. What does this mean? Is my life goal to harvest a pumpkin or something?
      On my breeder's page: Why are there so many slots to use when the villager can only tend to one animal at a time? Is there a way to use all of them?

    • whooo i'm so glad i have a mentor now! I'll wait until I have at least a list of a couple of questions so I'm not sending too many separate ones :v
      I'll be sure to send them to you once i get them all organized!! i'm excited to get my furvilla life in order lmao

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