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User ID: #34957
Username: Oliver_Woolfe
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:04 am

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Hi! Call me Andy :)
Genderfluid (although I usually prefer he/him)
Chaotic Evil
Slytherin [Pottermore]
Divergent [Erudite/Candor]
Child of Hades [Rick Riordan's offical website]


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    • Thank you!! That was a wonderful thing to wake up to! :)

    • <3 happy to have made you happy. Have a good day/week, I'm tuckered out. *goes to bed*

    • Thanks for the purchases!

    • Would you mind if I used your Warrior thread to ask the same thing?

    • No problem, if I get more spotted or green pounters I'll send em too

    • Sorry for not doing your paintie. I have been having hectic weeks. Ill try finish it by tonight

    • Yep I'm sure ^^ And I don't need anything in return. They're a gift~

      Omigosh thank for the grad gift <333

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