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User ID: #34986
Username: dillykai
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:10 am

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i checked back in after like half a year and wh
what happened here???? i'm confused hsjjkj
i might come back to this site actually

where to find me
cs | dilly,
fr | dillysAlt [#203513]
discord | dillykai#2225

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    • riight?? i agree
      it makes me sad i prob wont be able to see gamer boi again omg

    • tsukki's rad :^)
      i love kenma, too bad he's only a side character, tho :^(

    • i agree with both
      yurio is honestly a cinnamon roll omg
      and who's your favourite hq!! character?

    • ohoho hello there!!
      i assume you also like haikyuu and yurio??
      and that's nice oooo
      and thank you!! : o

    • Thx for purchasing! ^.^

    • Thank you so much for all of those seeds! I hadn't gotten any of those yet! : ]

    • lol nice meeting u too its nice talking to others furries i don't really have friends on here ^-^

    • thank you so much for the seeds also i see your looking for some seeds and i have some rare seed maybe we can trade seeds sometime

    • Thank you for your purchase ! :D
      (i see that you need some seeds, i have a lot of seeds from my explorator they'll be in shop soon at the same price as your recent purchase so don't hesitate to check : D )

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