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User ID: #35056
Username: Baelfin
Last Online: 12 Jul 2020, 8:42 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:23 am

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I'm online at weird times, sorry if I take a long time to reply, I'm probably sleeping = v =


Art shop | item sale thread

FD pets on Malcolms profile

D20 of Creation(?multi element DMG)
D20 of Foresight (shield weapon)
D20 of The Necromancer (dark damage+heal)


FR | Instagram | DA
Toyhou.se | FurAffinity


squirrel background by Teagan White {x}

Luca's Plush ~600fd

Nico is a Crafter / Herbalist
Kubon is Blacksmith / Herbalist
RealmBinder is Alchemist
Lumpy is Tailor
George AH leaves

Villagers 10

Comments 81

    • No problem!

    • thanks for the stuff at the giveing tree :)

    • I'm so happy!!! THE EGGPOCALYPSE IF FINALLY HAPPENING, THANKS TO YOU!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Hewwo! I just wanted to say that for the Egg Vista Competition your entries "e g g" and "e g g s" are B O O T I F U L! I personally love it :0000 The bootiful eggpocalypse

    • Thank you for your patronage ! i hope you have a nice day ! :D

    • I'll be sending them as I collect bigger bundles.
      Lemme know when you don't need em.

    • I did!
      I have no use for them since I accidentally sold most of the ingredients I had.

    • You art is so cute and sweet! Keep it up!

    • That works! For what combo of those? I’d also be down for just chucking Haunted stuff at you until it adds up pfft - I’m not really using it

    • Would you consider item trades for your Hallowed Potion, Paintie Tickets, Lion Equips, Feast Fairies, Warrior’s Elixirs, and/or Ice Fairies?

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