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Username: helbane
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 14 Dec 2017, 4:07 pm
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village lore

-- Monthly Feast
All villagers participate.
Near the start of the month the whole village gathers together for a noodle soup dinner and festival.
A "feast squad" of nine villagers spends free time during the rest of the month cooking and feasting.

-- Menagerie
The [village] menagerie is the pride of its villagers, who visit it often to view the wide array of creatures. The villagers always seek to complete its collection.

Villagers 18

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    • Thank you for the candy n.n

    • Thanks for the purchase! I thought those dragons would be rotting forever in my stall

    • Thank you much for your many generous donations! All have been added to the list.

    • Thanks for the many purchases at my stall! <3

    • Hello! I wish there was a like button on posts for the sole purpose voting up your commentary to the shifty discussion.
      Anyhow, have a lovely day.

    • I had no idea o-o;
      I wasn't willing to buy another so I was realllly happy with the one I got just now!! :D
      Thank you again for that and the advice o: !

    • THANK YOU so much. I literally used one of those potions yesterday and was so upset to have gotten the clownfish, today I used yours and got orca which is what I wanted, IM SO HAPPY NOW HAHHH <3 THANK YOU!! :D

    • ^w^

    • Thanks that was actually really helpful!

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