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Username: paniic-
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Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 11:21 am

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~~~ Hello there! ~~~



|| exhausted college student || he/him || panic/joey/cr0w || archangel || child of Apollo || Slytherin ||

~ Fandoms ~
★ Supernatural ★ Doctor Who ★ Sherlock ★ Harry Potter ★ Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus ★ Warriors ★ Steven Universe ★ ★DETROIT- BECOME HUMAN★ ★ Until Dawn ★ Attack on Titan ★ Yuri!!! On Ice ★


- OTPs -
★ Destiel ★ Sabriel ★ Solangelo ★ Glaciership ★ Jimlock ★ Janiel ★ Otayuri ★ Victuri ★ Klance ★ Phan ★ Mitjo ★ Yuzuvier ★ Connor/Markus/Simon ★ Chris/Josh ★ Jeanmarco ★ Reibert ★ Levi/Erwin ★

Hey guys! Welcome to my profile! :> As I said before, I'm a full-time college student, but I manage to squeeze in some time for games. (I say 'squeeze in' but really I'm just procrastinating on work...)
I do have a lot of fandoms, so don't be afraid to chat with me about them! :>

- Get painties for my babiess <33 -
- Umm... that's it for now ig..? -


My Art Shop!~
Adopt Center!
Character Trades!
Mocchin babs

gos6vOr.png 2xB8ZM3.png NNvnXrh.png



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    • Hey, what is the forum vista you use? It's super pretty!

    • Crap sorry,,, I meant to address your crow character!! Crow? Sorry, shoulda made that clear,, I saw “bird” and got tunnel vision

    • Yep go ahead and send the payment for the doodle :) I have it finished and I will post it soon ♥

    • Bengaltigeress
      Ah, gosh, yeah, my TH username has a dash at the end too..! :’> the whole thing is just paniic-!!

    • I’m trying to send a transfer but it says the username paniic does not exist. Do you have symbols or something that aren’t showing up?

    • Sure! Send the money and I will send a transfer!

    • Thankyou do much for buying the gummi! <33

    • hello. we have many fandoms in common. you are cool. (:

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