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User ID: #36382
Username: Steinbit
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 12:46 pm

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Stein | 22 | Norway
Single | Questioning
Any pronouns goes

+7 hours of furvilla time

tumblr | toyhou.se
goatlings | furaffinity


- painties for all my villagers
- write profiles
- spice up the css on my page

Villagers 14

Comments 77

    • iAnubis sickandsour hECK YEAh Hawkeye!! Clint and Kate are my fave superheroes tbh, I just love how they're written, especially in the Fraction ones 8 )

    • !!!!!!!!! Hawkeye <3

    • X3 I love the pic of Hawkeye in your forum signature

    • I can't really thank you on the thread but that aesthetic post was awesome! Super accurate!

    • I saw your entry on 'Dutch AD Challenge 400-1000FD'. Wow! She is adorable.

      If you ever open up for commissions, add me to your ping list.

      I have an Aquatic Wolf I'd love done by you!

    • Your paintie style is really cute! If you'd ever open commissions or trades, please let me know. c:

    • do you take paintie commissions for fd/fc? or paintie trades maybe? ^O^

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