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Username: GalloViking
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Last Online: 12 Aug 2017, 4:31 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Hello, wanderer, and welcome to my profile!

My name is GalloViking and I shall describe you who my villagers are. Let us begin!

Andrew is my Explorer. Always searching for items, he gives any seeds he finds to Camilia and keep anything else in order to sell it to other villagers.
If you are in search of something rare or simply don't want to visit villager stalls, feel free to leave a message and Andrew will tell you if he has it in stock.

Robin, a black flying fix bat, is Andrew's apprentice and forages around Olde Foxbury with him. As he gives his items to Andrew, he will not sell you anything.

Reptar is my Saggitari Warrior! Most of the time out there, hunting for mean monsters lurking around with his shiny equipment. He'll sale what he finds to whoever asks for it at a somewat low price.

Luke, the Velociraptor, is Reptar's apprentice and, as Robin, does the same activity as his master and will not sell you anything. if you want to buy something, ask Reptar instead!

Camilia is my Herbalist! Thanks to Andrew she can plant seeds and grow them so that Sereina and Abigail can make medicines and potions.
Keep in mind that she will not sell seed, plant or herb to anyone.

Wayrra the wolf is both my crafter and my tailor. She uses what Andrew and Reptar find in the wild to make stunning Olde Foxburry costumes: Steampunk, Royal, and Warrior! These costumes are very hard to make so she won't them too many of them, and most importantly, she'll sell them at an expensive price.

Sereina is my fellow Doctor! This silent cat works hard to master every Old Foxburry medicine, using Camilia's herbs and plants.
Although all of her spare medicines are put at her stall, you can always leave a message so she can make you what you need as soon as possible.

Abigail is my Gembound Alchemist! Alchemy is a very hard career because it needs both a lot of time and a lot of herbs and plants. This is the reason why Camilia won't sell what she grows, as whenever Abigail makes a potion, she uses herbs and plants in bulk.
Abigail will make you potions on demand, You will rarely see them in her stall. Simply leave her a message and, depending on what Camilia has in stock, she will make it or politely ask you to wait for Camilia to grow everything she needs.

And finally, Alban the dragon is my animal husbandry guy. Most of the time searching for pets around Olde Foxbury, he'll also breed some of them to try to get rare colors. He will not sell anything on demand and will put what he is willing to sell in his stall.

I am usually open to "light" roleplaying during trades and similar discussions.

My villagers have set prices for their wares in FC, but they are open to bartering if you feel like it.
They will never sell anything in FD at their stalls, but they might accept FD payments if you send them a message about it.

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    • Ooh I see :Oc Explains why they look so darn official!

    • Would you ever be open to a paintie commission? Your work is stunning!

    • Thank you very much for your purchase!

      I hope I can provide for your medical needs in the future.

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