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User ID: #36692
Username: Valice
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:28 pm

Profile description

Please no random friend requests, I only friend those who I interact with!

Valice is my character & OC
They are my persona, please do not steal my art! It is owned by me!
Thank you.


Personality: A trickster who enjoys a good prank. Even though they are mischievous they are kind at heart and know when they have done wrong. When faced with a problem they try to make it up and right what was wrong.

Age: 21
Birthday: October 17th

Species: Fire Main

Lion Art Done by @Prince-Faolon

hot.gifOnline times Furvilla Timehot.gif

hot.gif: Off Days :hot.gif

hot.gif : Work Days :hot.gif
11PM-1PM - 10PM-1AM
(Sometimes in between on my breaks)

hot.gif : Occasionally :hot.gif


Thank you for understanding!

I am on Aywas as Valice & Fenris, FR as AmaimonEarthKing, and several other websites under similar usernames.
Don't be afraid to ask me anything!




I share my account with my brother (He does commissions)

Villagers 16

Comments 86

    • Your painties are incredible <33 !

    • The offer extends fully your way too. ^^

    • WAhhh, thank you so much for the gift <3.
      Finally i can get more villagers ;-;. lol. i spent like most of my days wondering what it even meant by "need a house" lol. XDD

    • As as side note, i need 20k fc to buy some quetzal houses and i have no fc at all. ;-;.
      I can give you 40FD for 20kfc if your interested?

    • Exactly! What basically our whole suburb is wondering is why in the world are they getting more grants?
      THE COUNCIL NEEDS TO COMMISSION ANOTHER PROVIDER. >.>...the answer is so simple. Why are we even..just...argh. -facepalm-. its really so infuriating literally watching our money go down the drain.

    • AHH, well that makes sense -nodnod-.
      Honestly, it's hard to complain when you think about how low some other people are getting..
      I'm a nurse myself so random work shifts and extra hours are a given. The pay is a tad over the minimum wage so i'm not too concerned about it but it kinda gets to you when you see some other jobs get paid, sometiems even double, what im getting when their obviously doing next to nothing. I'm not talking about people who have worked their way up to high positions where they dont need to do much but rather ones where they should be doing something but nothing is obviously being done. The local road paver got a few million dollars of taxpayer money to repave a dangerous part of a road where i live and its been about 7months and they havent completed it. They asked for more money and were granted a few million more. I hope to god they do they job. >.>. It's pretty clear to everyone they have been doing something wrong because no road work of our size should cost that much let alone take that long. >.>...

    • Don't worry about spamming me ^^ Thanks for the seeds! I was a little confused when you sent the potion the first time but I didn't mind ;w; I really appreciate it!

    • ...no..way.
      I honestly dont know what to say. I think i know about 7 people now that are getting less pay even though holiday season work is essentially more work. >.>..im so sorry. -hugs-.
      Honestly though, i have no idea why they do that. -sigh-

    • Text talk is fine. ^^
      Argh that sucks. :(. Are you at least getting extra pay for working on the holiday season?

    • Honestly, i think ill bid on it then XD.
      Yea if i like a design enough id auto too XD. lol.

      As a side note, how has your week been? ^^

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