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User ID: #36692
Username: Valice
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:28 pm

Profile description

Please no random friend requests, I only friend those who I interact with!

Valice is my character & OC
They are my persona, please do not steal my art! It is owned by me!
Thank you.


Personality: A trickster who enjoys a good prank. Even though they are mischievous they are kind at heart and know when they have done wrong. When faced with a problem they try to make it up and right what was wrong.

Age: 21
Birthday: October 17th

Species: Fire Main

Lion Art Done by @Prince-Faolon

hot.gifOnline times Furvilla Timehot.gif

hot.gif: Off Days :hot.gif

hot.gif : Work Days :hot.gif
11PM-1PM - 10PM-1AM
(Sometimes in between on my breaks)

hot.gif : Occasionally :hot.gif


Thank you for understanding!

I am on Aywas as Valice & Fenris, FR as AmaimonEarthKing, and several other websites under similar usernames.
Don't be afraid to ask me anything!




I share my account with my brother (He does commissions)

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    • o-o''..are you sure? im not too worried as i know they'll be more XD.

    • Just letting you know i'll be dropping out of the auction.
      (mostly bc i feel so bad outbidding you any further XD)
      There will be more in the future and im not in a rush. ^^
      Goodluck~ (3 more hours till the end)

    • You. I like you. I don't know you, but I like the idea of you.

    • Woah thanks for the potion!

    • Sure! Thank you! :D

    • No worries! Go ahead and save, I'll close up the thread.

    • No need to apologize, haha; that was my bad.

    • Hullo there!
      I still haven't received any response on the pm I sent you regarding your contest. Please replay to me soon. I hope you are going well :)

    • Just wanted to drop by and say I love your icon~

    • thank you for your kind words
      and thank you for supporting the artists.

      you're amazing

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