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User ID: #36692
Username: Valice
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:28 pm

Profile description

Please no random friend requests, I only friend those who I interact with!

Valice is my character & OC
They are my persona, please do not steal my art! It is owned by me!
Thank you.


Personality: A trickster who enjoys a good prank. Even though they are mischievous they are kind at heart and know when they have done wrong. When faced with a problem they try to make it up and right what was wrong.

Age: 21
Birthday: October 17th

Species: Fire Main

Lion Art Done by @Prince-Faolon

hot.gifOnline times Furvilla Timehot.gif

hot.gif: Off Days :hot.gif

hot.gif : Work Days :hot.gif
11PM-1PM - 10PM-1AM
(Sometimes in between on my breaks)

hot.gif : Occasionally :hot.gif


Thank you for understanding!

I am on Aywas as Valice & Fenris, FR as AmaimonEarthKing, and several other websites under similar usernames.
Don't be afraid to ask me anything!




I share my account with my brother (He does commissions)

Villagers 16

Comments 86

    • Ah, no! It's my bad, I didn't realise how confusing it looks but now you've pointed it out, yeah.. oops. I'll try and make it clearer.

    • Oh, yeah, it's supposed to do that! The species, Salties, belong to Jawz but the pieces art in my sig were made by Tybaxel on FR :)

    • I see you a lot and I think you're pretty rad. B)

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Thank you for adding a little story! I'm not sure what kind of story the villager had before, but obviously someone else got ahold of them and wiped everything. So your help with getting them back on track is greatly appreciated <3

    • Ahhh thank you!

    • All your painties are beautiful <3

    • OH MAN I never thought about that??????

      I mean

      It's my ode to the mods. To make everything think they're always awake.

      (I'm gonna change that right now, I've been bothered by it myself as well but I rarely go onto my own profile so I keep forgetting haha)
      (Also thank you so much??? PEople keep saying I'm their fav of that they rly like me and I'm like??? WHAT DID I DO??)

    • Honestly! There's something bad going on if you feel the need to be rude to others, no matter your opinions/beliefs.

    • Yeah I try not to get involved in a lot of drama and I missed some threads but I really dont believe that anyone deserves this much hate. I dont believe anyone here is going to have the same exact opinions as I do, but it doesnt mean hate and rude comments should be permitted.

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